Introducing P3

P3 is a unique patent pending pedagogy that integrates digital technology with sustainability. This innovative learning experience is specially designed for young pioneers to make a difference in their own communities and around the globe! We pride in creating plug-and-play activities that encourage students to explore concepts focusing on food, earth, space, and water.
The youth roll up their sleeves from the get-go, fully engaged in finding innovative, sustainable solutions to real-world challenges. Our team of experienced facilitators and mentors use engaging toolkits, compelling stories, and fun technologies to inspire young innovators to design for people, the planet, and prosperity.


We are thrilled to introduce the UAE Climate Change Hackathon, hosted by This groundbreaking event is designed to ignite innovation in the realm of climate change solutions, with a special focus on the crucial areas of Food, Water, Earth, and Space.
Our mission is to engage the youth as proactive climate change advocates and provide them with a platform to craft impactful solutions. We invite you to join us in this ambitious endeavor to develop prototypes and models that elucidate your innovative ideas, presenting them to a broader audience.
This competition extends a warm welcome to all public and private schools across the UAE. Together, let’s champion change and make a lasting impact on our environment.

Our Partners


Technology Tools

We use fun and exciting makerspace tools to mindfully combine technology with social awareness. We continue to use fundamental platforms that teach coding to advanced tools supporting AI and trending robotic options. Our inquiry-driven process invites diverse perspectives, fosters problem-solving skills, and nurtures an empathy mindset to build happier communities living in balance with the planet.
Some of our popular tools are SPIKE, EV3, BBC Micro:bit, Zoomi.

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