P3 UNSDG Workshop - Space

While there is no specific SDG dedicated to space exploration beyond Earth, several existing SDGs indirectly relate to space research and its potential contributions to sustainable development. For instance:
  • 1. SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure – This goal emphasizes the importance of investing in infrastructure, research, and innovation to support sustainable development. Space technology and exploration often contribute to technological advancements and innovations that can benefit various sectors on Earth, such as communication, weather forecasting, disaster monitoring, and agriculture.
  • 2. SDG 13: Climate Action – Space-based observations and data play a crucial role in monitoring and understanding climate change, supporting climate action efforts, and implementing adaptation and mitigation strategies.
  • 3. SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals – International collaboration in space exploration and research fosters global partnerships and cooperation, which are essential for advancing scientific knowledge and addressing common challenges.
doyourbit.xyz has dawned the thinking hat and created innovative tasks that allow space exploration with the potential to contribute to sustainable development. It is important to recognize the primary focus of the SDGs is on addressing challenges on Earth and improving the well-being of people and the planet hence study of the space becomes imperative to find alternate options for our global issues.

Group Size

Ideal number of participants for classrooms is 10 to 25. For hackathons, camps and other events, larger group sizes can be accommodated up to 80. For larger group sizes and events, please provide minimum 45 days advanced booking.


Each workshop is delivered in 40-minute units. Longer projects can be designed for extracurricular programmes, camps, hackathons, and other events.


Our workshops are designed for ages 6-12 (grades 1-5/years 2-6). Workshops can also be customized for younger students in FS1, KG1 and KG2. Reach out to us to discuss projects for Early Years and Kindergarten.

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