The Idea Behind P3

“People, Planet, Prosperity” is a concept often referred to as the “Triple Bottom Line.” It represents a framework that emphasizes the interconnectedness of social, environmental, and economic factors for sustainable development and long-term success. Here’s a breakdown of each element:
The “People, Planet, Prosperity” framework advocates for a holistic approach to decision-making and business practices, ensuring that social and environmental considerations are integrated alongside economic goals. It encourages organizations and individuals to find ways to create value and contribute positively to society while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.
People: This aspect focuses on social well-being, equity, and human rights. It recognizes the importance of promoting and protecting the welfare of individuals and communities. People-centric initiatives may include providing access to quality education, healthcare, safe working conditions, equal opportunities, and fair wages.
Planet: This element emphasizes environmental sustainability and stewardship. It recognizes the need to protect and preserve natural resources, reduce pollution and waste, mitigate climate change, and promote biodiversity. Efforts may include adopting renewable energy sources, minimizing carbon footprint, practicing responsible consumption, and implementing eco-friendly practices.
Prosperity: This dimension encompasses economic growth, financial stability, and long-term prosperity. It acknowledges the need for businesses and societies to thrive and generate wealth while considering the well-being of people and the planet. Prosperity-oriented strategies include promoting sustainable economic development, fostering innovation, supporting entrepreneurship, and creating inclusive economic systems.
Implementing this concept requires a shift towards sustainable practices and the adoption of responsible business models. It involves engaging stakeholders, embracing ethical standards, aligning business strategies with sustainable development goals, and measuring and reporting on social and environmental impacts.
We use fun and exciting makerspace tools to mindfully combine technology with social awareness.
Our inquiry-driven process invites diverse perspectives, fosters problem-solving skills, and nurtures an empathy mindset to build happier communities living in balance with the planet.
We empower young pioneers to explore the range of converging and emerging technologies such as robotics,artificial intelligence(AI), virtual reality(VR) augmented reality (AR) and generative technology.
We use best practice methodologies for teaching P3 explorers to code, design and mindfully use a variety of digital technologies that are currently driving the Web 3.0, Communications, and Internet of Things(IOT) revolution.

Our P3 UNSDG Workshops

By embracing the “People, Planet, Prosperity” approach, businesses and societies can strive for a more balanced and sustainable future, ensuring the well-being of people, the health of the planet, and the long-term prosperity of economies and communities.

Group Size

Ideal number of participants for classrooms is 10 to 25. For hackathons, camps and other events, larger group sizes can be accommodated up to 80. For larger group sizes and events, please provide minimum 45 days advanced booking.


Each workshop is delivered in 40-minute units. Longer projects can be designed for extracurricular programmes, camps, hackathons, and other events.


Our workshops are designed for ages 6-12 (grades 1-5/years 2-6). Workshops can also be customized for younger students in FS1, KG1 and KG2. Reach out to us to discuss projects for Early Years and Kindergarten.