Meet the Founder

Saira Gulamani is the founder of Passionate about empowering children with emerging technologies (coding, robotics and AI) for social impact and innovating with purpose, She has dedicated the past decade working with young pioneers to change the world one bit at a time. She has worked with schools all over the world and is actively engaged in global development projects with focus on sustainability, climate change and food security. Saira is a Lead Facilitator for LEGO Six Bricks and LEGO Education with focus on learning through play. She is a graduate from Harvard and has her Masters from University of Queensland in Australia and Bachelors from the University of Calgary in Canada.

Arundhati Sen

Arundhati Sen is a LEGO Facilitator and a Marketing consultant with managing the expansion plans and exploring new verticals to reach a wider audience encouraging adults and youngsters to explore the world of coding and robotics with Saira. She has been in the corporate world for the past 24 years with core competencies in Advertising, Marketing, and Branding with a natural extension into Corporate Communications and building CSR frameworks for companies. For the past two years has been providing marketing and business planning support to upcoming women home business owners to structure their ventures. Has completed 6 Bricks LEGO Training Level 1-4 and supports Saira in all training modules.

Aparna Banerjee Tilak

Aparna Banerjee Tilak has been closely associated with the field of Entertainment as a TV, Theater, Film actress, and Model. She has also been an avid State Level Badminton player. She has an innate desire to keep striving to learn new things and hence joined Toastmasters International to improve her communication skills. She believes in the sheer goodness of the human heart and the power that each of us holds to create and manifest beauty in our lives. She is a Lightworker ie an Energy Chakra Pranic Life Force HEALER and a passionate Tarot Card Reader. She is currently getting bricks certified. She believes that we are all conscious co-creators of our Divine Destiny along with the kind and loving Universe and the power truly is within each of us.